Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Interesting Physics

So coming home from work today the Jeep in front me glanced against the divider, bounced off into the right lane of a two lane highway, overcompensated by swerving BACK into the divider, but by this time they were also rotating, and thus they were already somehow backwards, then flew UP onto the divider, finally resting on it while facing to the right.

This was directly in front of me so I was braking like crazy, luckily no one was tailgating my ass.

I had to go over the crash a couple times in my head to figure out how they ended up facing RIGHT, because it sure as hell didn't make sense for a few moments after.
But I do remember seeing the fire on the road as they were flying backwards onto the divider, so it helped me figure out their exact trajectory.

I drove right on by after stopping, ran over part of their plastic parts in the road.
In retrospect maybe I should have taken a picture.
The two girls are lucky to be alive.

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