Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dead or Alive...mostly Dead

Fresh from the powerbook of another Hollywood hack! I want to work at a theater. Just so I can punch the face of every last man, woman, child, and invalid that goes to see crap like this. I don't discriminate who I'd sucker punch. Equal opportunities... FOR PAIN. Unless they're much bigger than me. Then it's just a stern fist shake... When they're not looking. Naturally.
-Scott Ramsoomair

Edit: Link updated, hopefully it works now. Warning, Rapidshare ahead.


Lilyes said...

Woah, I wonder how they're going to adapt that. Hahah, i can just imagine another corny Mortal Kombat movie. Bleeeh. Well... it'll mostly be hot girls so yay for the guys, no?

Sibby said...

Aw man they moved the link.
The thing was truly a piece of work.
And by "piece of work" I mean a complete joke of a trailer that made me laugh for a long long time.