Thursday, November 03, 2005

Glitch on the level of Roll Cancelling found in SC3

G225, G885
I don't really think this makes everything dead.
First off, you have to basically EXPECT a GI.
No one expects a GI really, but how many people expect Re-GIs?
At high play, a lot.
The Re-GI wars were hilariously annoying, this cuts down on them.
Honestly Kenny learned to GI my Talim pretty quickly, I'm sure if I learned to Re-GI consistently it'd get stupider.
I think it actually gives the initial GI-er an advantage, cause unless you FULLY BAITED A GI (i.e. mindgame aka depth), you're not going to expect it.
And when you try to counter with a GI of your own, they will buffer with G225 and retain advantage.

I have yet to make judgement on the ability to G225 out of stances and throw escapes.
Stances still unsure...throw escapes's like punishing a throw with an anti-throw.
I think it's more mind games again .
(Have to guess right first, then perform the buffer input, then counter with something that will hit fast enough)

I think though this will make high level SC3 very hard for me to even crack -_-a
Like roll cancelling, I still can't do that shit reliably.

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