Saturday, February 28, 2009

American Madness 5

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Warning, incoming wall of text.

So yeah last week was American Melty 5.
The flight was from JFK to San Francisco, then San Francisco to Orange County, then ride from Orange County airport to Temecula.
Met Rithli at JFK.
Flying sure has changed, only one bag now and they counted a backup and a laptop as two bags.
I had to pay 15 bucks for basically taking a pillow and a Standard Edition Joystick with me.
Also fagged out and brought along the sadlife Touhou plushies because I smelled stupid photograph opportunities.
Rithli actually had an 800$ or so camera along he wanted to try for his freelance graphics design work so he has some of the stupid plushy pictures as well.
Flight delayed (standard), we basically hit Orange County at rush hour time.
In California.
Awesome timing.
A thing about California traffic vs New York traffic, they are both terrible, however they differ in their terribleness.
Where as New York is windy ass streets and one way signs making it so you can never go directly to where you want, California is FIVE LANES of cars not moving.
Also we have to pick up HF-Blade who suddenly decided even though he has a car he does not want to drive.
Well actually he didn't have his car.
EITHER WAY the ride took entirely too long and we ended up arriving really late.
Stopped at an in an' out along the way, burgers were really decent for the price!
Never seen an in and out before in New York by the way, fast food franchises all seem different there.
Also Californian weather is amazingly amazing.
First thing I noticed was how warm it was, when I was going to JFK in the morning I left something in the car (receipt and directions!) by mistake so I had to walk back from the train stop.
My hands were going numb from the cold.
So yeah sort of a blur I remember playing SFIV and IaMP and watching Bellreisa rage play Comic in IaMP right off the bat (bad idea.)
Korean BBQ the next day, Bell's table destroyed the place, they started bringing out frozen meat.
Bleah it's been a week I don't quite remember the games, I just remember killing Swedish in Iamp, then Malty killed me a bunch while giggling, then holy shit Sp00ky is better and won more than he lost against me.
Didn't play Bell, probably for the best.
Oh right played against Comic some but I was sort of out of it then, didn't want to think.
Pho for dinner I think?
Poverty East Coast games, someone brought out Power Stone 2.
Then Bushido Blade 2, which it seems I missed when playing IaMP with spooky, though I came after and destroyed tempered.
Aika was harder plus whenever we went into mashing game I forgot you could back off so we would beat the ever living fuck out of the sticks until our arms hurt.
I was winning more than I lost though, then I settled into watching tempered do two hit frog combos.
In Bushido Blade 2, there's a girly kid whose projectile is a frog which makes any female character DROP her weapon and fall down, practically guaranteeing an instant kill.
Aika insisted on using a female character so tempered kept frogging her.
The funny thing is you could reversal frog, a sword could be going toward your throat and the frog would deflect it, make her drop the weapon and fall down.
All in all though aika seemed to be better, even with cheesy counterpick 2 hit kill tempered frogs.
Next poverty game was PowerStone 2.
I sat out for a little before playing but I noticed a trend.
No one else would go for him either, he'd run around collecting gems then supering the fuck out of everyone.
And then ANOTHER hustler joined, Malty, giggling the entire time, and for the first time Xie was losing games regularly.
Both of those clowns knew the broke characters too. (ninja girl and main character)
Last poverty game was Project Justice, which quite a few people knew.
I was really tired by then though so I only played one game with my scrub tennis loli.
Unfortunately Rithli and I forgot to play Vampire Savior.
We hit the Korean BBQ place again the next day, but our table didn't go for the all you can eat this time, instead we all ordered SooDoonBu.
Unfortunately I find tofu very bland so I learned that SooDoonBu really isn't for me.
The Bul-Gok-Ki was good though.
SFIV tourney this day.
Sucked, went 0 and 2, I played 2nd place (jeffm, using balrog) first round and second round I played Dippy, using Chun Li.
Balrog is already terrible for Rose, and I had never played Dippy's Chun Li, or any Chun Li for that matter.
Not sure what normals are good against her, she was beating a lot of my pokes out.
Ironically, the guy who would have won the entire thing free (Justus, using Gen and random), left the day before, along with Stormlocke, who used Balrog, and who I thought was better than jeffm's rog.
In the end jiyuna the clown car won using Sagat.

Flight back was delayed some 2-3 hours again, thank you America Airlines.
Got back way too late to take the last train home, stayed at Sp00ky's, didn't go into work and took and extra day (tuesday) off.
Tinshi and Zar came by later, got to watch the hilarity as both insisted on using pad because the first two rounds of the gamestop tourney I had missed going to because of AM5 were forced on pad.
Tinshi played blanka vs Zar Sagat
Then got to watch hilarious pad zangief vs pad sagat, which was making Zar rage so hard.

Anyway I've probably forgotten tons of shit but that's it for now.
Oh right, kijea (mech mbac player/aba ggac player/gilgamesh fuc player, best mbac in the usa at the moment) kept moving my plushies over to the Guilty Gear display.
Lost to Dippy in the sad life competition however as he brought a dakimura.
That eyepatch girl from Ikkitousen lol.

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Lilyes said...

So I looked up dakimura and am glad that I didn't do it at work. I see what you mean....

The pictures are great, does sound like a lot of fun. I need to go to a gathering like that too (except something for girls... maybe a baking party, hahah j/k).