Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Something I knew before but only realized yesterday.
I have played the old school Street Fighting games VERY LITTLE.
I have played a grand total of TWO GAMES of Super Turbo in my life.
I've almost exclusively played new poverty/doujin fighting games.
You know, air dashes and stuff.
Even Vampire Savior feels like it belongs in the "new style" of fighting games because of its movement and play.

And you know why i only realized yesterday?
Like never have I raged so hard at a fighting game that wasn't IaMP.
Freaking clownface EDIBLE, of all people, was going random select and basically destroying me while I was trying to play somewhat seriously.
It was really really idiotic.
Really unsafe move into ex anything all day.
Mashing reversals when I fucked up the qcb lk link (yes it's a weird link, not a buffer, feels odd)
Mashing reversals after getting hit on the ground by c.hp because THAT MOVE IS INSANE NEGATIVE ON HIT.
On and on.
My first round online in this game ended with me getting perfected by spin stick Zangief.
I lost like 15 matches in a row before I even scratched Edible's random roster win run. (How is that for alliteration?)
Towards the end of the session I was like fuck it let's see if I can do this shit and picked random.
Got Honda, and proceeded to basically destroy his mashy Rufus with equally mashy Honda.
EX butts EX Ochioed EX hands and headbutts all day, I completely crushed him.
Hell if I can win with Rose when I'm trying to think against that character.
Fucking terrible and just made me rage more that I could win with spazz hands.

Man, I fucking suck.

Also, got the SE stick, took out the fucking washer of doom that scratches the PCB (thanks again MadCatz), took like two hours or something and cut myself.
I actually unlocked almost all the characters (except Seth, fuck him) with pad first, but like my thumb started hurting plus XBOX pads are the shittiest shit you will ever play fighting games on.

I need to play at least 1000 more matches I feel before I begin to get anywhere near competent level in this game.

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