Sunday, February 01, 2009

EXAMU does it again

So the upgrade from Arcana Heart 2 Suggoi! (called 2.5) to 2.6...
And it's 102,900 yen (about 1000, but more with the current exchange rate)
Adds balance changes and training mode and NOTHING ELSE.

Ok, so Examu pulled this shit before with Arcana Heart to Arcana Heart Full for SBO.
After lots of protests from arcade operators, they lowered the price to around 80K yen instead of 140K.
Then...they waited until this year's Super Battle Opera announcement and went ahead and did it again!
The full PCB is 176,400 yen.
Which means that if you had waited and never bought AH2 or Suggoi! until now, you'd have saved something like 2000+ dollars.
Operators are understandably livid, including the ones I know in the USA.
Training mode doesn't help either, arcade operators in Japan hate that shit as it increases credit time from 2-3 minutes to 5 minutes, plus in Japan everyone is polite so people don't interrupt training mode.

There's already bokutari (ripoff) threads on JPBBS, but more than likely arcade operators will bite it in the ass again and pay for the upgrade, as it's required for SBO.

[11:28] <@fubarduck> they have a way to fund Demon Bride now!
[11:28] <@fubarduck> since THAT'S not going to be purchased

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