Monday, February 09, 2009

RIP Tokyo Game Action

Tokyo Game Action is officially closed forever. With no income and other problems due to the flood, we are drowning in bills it is impossible to recover and reopen.

To pay our creditors and to prevent my family from being thrown out on the street (literally), I am left with no choice but to auction all of TGA's assets.

TGA will be auctioning everything we have in May to pay our bills. Every game, pcb, poster, keychain, chair, plate, fork, Arch stand, figures, software, bowling ball, everything in TGA has to be sold.

Why him, of all the arcade operators in the US?
It's a terrible thing but I wish Planet Zero burned to the ground in retaliation, just to even the karma scale.
You owe us at least that, fucking cosmic deity of your choice.

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