Sunday, February 08, 2009

I always get shitty housemates

So, anyone who somehow has heard me ranting about housemates will be familiar with the story.
First guy was a scumbag, didn't pay rent, then managed to get the entire place labeled as an illegal boarding house and shut down.
Went and found a new place.
Second guy was a stoner, brought over tons of friends who stole my shit, got evicted.
Now once again, the OTHER housemate (there were originally 4 of us, one got evicted, now three) is inviting friends over to sleep, and they are stealing my shit.
Yesterday they emptied out my orange juice jug and then, get this, FILLED IT HALFWAY WITH WATER.
Like wow, just wow.
Hell they'd have left a better impression if they left it empty.
But filling it halfway with water is just a fucking insult.
I'm sick of this shit, once again, another shitty housemate or maybe it's his shitty friends I don't care anymore.

Edit: Ahahah oh WOW. I didn't even notice until I went out for groceries this week.
They stole the two Breyer tubs of ice cream in the freezer too!

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Lilyes said...

Wow, that really sucks! and it's definitely far worse to find a watery OJ than an half-empty one. >_< Really, what are these people thinking?

That really convinces me to not rent with strangers.