Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Atama, atama ga?

Tweaks here and there, I noticed my previous posts just seemed to get in the way, links and two new sections (blogs and fyaf moved up to more prominent positions.)
Basically FYAF is going to be the sum of all those random stupid links I spam to you people on my buddy list: this includes: brennan jazzy noob lilyes tanzy yilei rinara zed lah and god knows who else.
I'll probably rotate it when it hits a max backlog of about four-six. (I like even numbers.)

Also started adding some blogs, starting with the first two that came to my mind.
Heh, feeble attempts to wave some social tendrils. (Link me back Lawrence if you care to.)

Anyway I would do a more indepth post about my first FYAF, that being the Duel Savior demo, but it's 5:20am and I'm studying hardcore ancient Chinese history.

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