Saturday, November 13, 2004


Talk about absurd, a 2gigabyte client distributed over "Blizzard installer" (Read, bittorrent), unzips into a 3 gigabyte install package that somehow takes 30 minutes to install.

What the hell are they dropping on my computer that requires 30 minutes to install?
Don't even give me the IT'S THREE GIGS argument, plenty of installations bordering or surpassing 3 gigs do not take as long.
I can't remember the last time a game installation took remotely past 5 minutes.

And now, I can't even make a character, because I get disconnected every few seconds.

This bites...
I'll talk about the gameplay when I can actualy try it, but as of now, man the freeloading populace really brought this game to its knees stress wise.

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Anonymous said...

your computer is screweeddd...
you are d/l a 3 gig virus that will completely reduce your computer to nothing but a tin box

hahha jk...