Monday, November 01, 2004

You know the best source is your own kind.

Oh dear.
Kotarou is going to lose his mother three times over.
The demon in white and the angel in black.
Pita Ten is starting to get painful to read.

It must have been a lynx.
I spent the weekend playing the Guild Wars preview.
It's made by ex-blizzard guys, it's an MMORPG type deal, but a lot more fast paced.
Actually, it seems closer to diablo with mass emphasis on parties, which isn't surprising considering where the makers are coming from.
It is fun as hell, seeing as the emphasis is on teamwork.
I have to say that even the random mass team free-for-alls were interesting as hell, although godamn Koreans seem to have invaded and mastered the International servers within three days.
Anyway here's the rundown:
You have your six classes, Warrior, monk, ranger, elementalist, mesmer, and necro.
You get to choose a primary and a secondary, and you have access to each class's skill tree, although your secondary misses out on two primary class only skills (which are usually very very good).
Leveling takes like no time, what's going to affect if you win guild battles and missions or not is your teamwork and your skill choices, although equipment is also important.
In truth the leveling grind is sort of replaced by the equipment/armor/crafting/MONEY grind, but then again if rare items are free to all well then what's the point?

I didn't have time to check EVERY skill, cause they cost one more gold each time you buy one and well gold is RARE.
My ranger/necro relied on Powershot/blood something/trollungent/life siphon to basically keep the mana and health flowing and so I could do lots of damage.
On review I should have gone Ranger/mesmer, mesmer's have really awesome support spells...try getting smacked with summon phantasm from 3 people at once and you'll see what I mean.
Warrior: Didn't try, probably bash spells, I've been hit for 40 apiece against these guys.
Monk: Healing. Everyone wants monks in their parties, not too many play monks themselves cause it's a tricky hard job.
Ranger: Range snipers that can do LOTS of damage to spellcasters fairly quickly. Plus the fact they can stop them from moving, interrupt skills/spells and seal them for a short time, and do damage regardless of armor. There is another path which is pets, which I think is rather weak honestly.
Elementalist: In player versus monster, this guy is going to be your nuke. Does lots of damage, against players still workswell if they're stupid, but against smart people they are less effective. Very good damage output, never runs out of mana cause of their skills.
Mesmer: Crazy. Mass regen altering spells, such as mana degen, health degen, drains, statuses, whatever. These guys in pvp are scary with their mass degen effects. ALso never run out of mana, because of their skills.
Necromancer: In player versus enemy, very good cause they can raise an army from their dead enemies. Curses are very useful also. However in pvp they are pure support, and a lot of their abilities become useless.

Anyway the leveling "grind" was through missions, completing one with a party (AND YOU WILL NEED A PARTY) unlocked a new area with a new mission, or a new city.
You could do the missions alone with computer AI henchmen, but henchmen are stupid.
The final preview mission was this long involved affair of killing a castle off.
The first time we did it we had no idea where the damn bridge objective was and basically KILLED EVERY ENEMY on the map.
This took us like 2 hours.
When we finally found the objective we cheered, only to be whisked away to an area called tomb of the kings.
This was a tournament arena, and it was CRAZY.
We were unprepared to fight other humans, let alone 16 other humans in a random 3 team capture the flag orgy.
Still fun all around, and did I mention NO MONTHLY FEES.
Fifty dollars, that's like the amount of money I've spent to play per session on that random loserish mmorpg for the past couple of years XD.

I might get this game, who knows.

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