Thursday, January 26, 2006

"あなたがいた森 Anata ga ita mori" by Jukai

Allan finally got the Shuffle! ending theme out of his head...
Only to be replaced by the Fate Stay Night ending theme!
Hence the title of this post.
Unfortunately the ending single is not out yet, zannen da yo (too bad).

Anyway, spoiler time cause I can't hold things in.
So far the anime is following the first branch, Fate.
That is, Berserker is the largest immediate threat, as opposed to Caster or True Assassin.

First path AKA Fate is mainly about Saber.
Second path AKA Unlimited Blade Works is mainly about Rin and Shirou.
Third path AKA Heaven's Feel is mainly about SpoilerIcantsayhere.

ANYWAY, Rin has ten of those red pendants that basically function as a decade's worth of mana.
She used the one her father gave her on Shirou, which explains her apology.

That's all for today.

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