Sunday, January 15, 2006

Fate Stay Night 1, 2 and Shakugan no Shana 14

Yay #eclipse, always subbing stuff that's already pre-liscensed by Geneon like Shana and FSN.(FUCK YOU GENEON).
Anyway, Fate Stay Night.
Best selling game in Japan for 2004.
Best selling visual novel of ALL time.
Doesn't qualify for best selling doujin game of ALL time because it was made after Type-Moon turned professional, meaning Type-Moon's Tsukihime still holds that title.
Well, and now there's anime.

Key points:
1. Faithful art style.
Tsukihime's anime style weirded me the fuck out.
All the voices were also...not from Melty Blood, which I honestly thought did an amazing job.
So I was unsure as hell about it and couldn't exactly stand it for long.
Fate Stay Night's art style seems extremely faithful, this is good.

2. Faithful story?
Herein lies a dilemna.
Ok, it's started out faithful (Tsukihime did too.)
But it took Tsukihime like 2-3 episodes for people to realize, WTF no reversed Shiki, lame.
Fate's main character, Shiro, wants to be a champion of justice, that's actually his sort of naive goal.
The thing about Fate Stay Night is that it has three paths.
And in each path, there are people Shiro just can't save.
In the first two paths, Shiro chooses the path of a hero anyway and tries to save as many as he can, but in the third path, Shiro chooses to protect one person above all else. (And thus the most amount of people die.)
It varies from path to path, but these are all people Shiro cares about.
Plus, his allies are different in each one. (Except for...Rin. Such a good girl =D But come on you guessed that already right?)
There is a fan disc called Fate Hollow Atarxia, which is basically the sequel to Fate Stay Night, IF some magical happy ending existed where everyone lived.
I wonder if they're going to try for that.

3. Characters seem faithful, but what's going to really matter is how they change (again see above about the story paths.) Rin'll smile more, Archer will stop thinking everything's useless, Shiro will get stronger, Saber will get cuter, Lancer won't be as homicidal, Illya will be nicer, Rider will be nicer, who knows?

Anyway, episode 1 starts out slow, but episode 2 speeds up quite a bit (He finally summoned his servant).

Meanwhile, Shakugan no Shana has slowed down again, this time going into Shana's past.
Maid ribbon Wilhelmina introduced ~de arimasu, cough Yuji will be getting a new addition to his household soon (cough complications DO occur later, as Wilhelmina isn't as kosher with Yuji as she appears), but yeah I really wonder if they can do this series in 26 (more seasons I say, don't try to compact it).
Wilhelmina rules however ~de arimasu.
Maids always do.

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