Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fate Stay Night 6 subbed

Well, I'm an idiot.
Yeah, FSN was a text heavy game, so a text heavy anime is to be expected.
Thing is I LIKE the text I'm reading, now that I have subtitles.
My poor Japanese fails on the complicated script of Fate Stay Night.

Anyway, Rider wins for BEING relatively nice for a servant under the control of a shitty master.
"I'll kill you gently."
"How brave, you constantly choose the most painful options."
There's some real respect in her voice there when she's fighting Shirou.

Archer, on the other hand, is an asshole -_-
But it's to be expected...cause well he's archer!
He wouldn't be half as bad ass as he is now if he wasn't an asshole!

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