Saturday, February 25, 2006

Fate Stay Night 8

Shirou and Shinji don't fight it out, disappointed.
I want him to fuck Shinji up already.
It's obvious he's a lying evil shit.
Rider is too awesome, hurry up and get your real master already.
Rin...moves in with Shirou o_Oa and managed to piss Sakura off at the same time.
Shirou makes Saber horribly mad (and hurts her feelings whether he knows it or not), so she goes off to fight assassin alone.

If the creators would just SHOW A LITTLE MORE SABER love I could enjoy this show a lot more.

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Lilyes said...

Wha? They don't fight it out? Booorrring, I'll wait until episode 9 then. lol. I can see sibby cringing alreayd, hahah.