Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shana 17

Kamishin aka Tuner Shota aka one more good guy shows up in town.
Silly dork girl will get a bigger part.
Dork girl fans rejoice.
Shana fans boo. (BOO, YOU SEDUCER!)
Anyway...I spoiled my self completely on volume 9's novel.
For the longest time I thought Kamishin was the one going all angry and stabby on page 235, but after reading the surroundings, turns out it's YUJI.
Yes folks, you WILL see an angry crazy Yuji, using Blutsauger (the sword the boy incest twin had) to stab someone.
But uh, it's spoilerific like crazy.
I already told one person -_-a cause I couldn't keep the implications to myself.
It is truly a WTFUX moment.

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Lilyes said...

and now you just announced it to everybody who reads your blog.

Lol, I can't believe you call her silly dork girl!? Nooooo she's not! Although I don't really want to watch her too much.