Wednesday, April 28, 2004

True update, i.e. the crap you don't care about

So anyway I have an endterm this morning, I have a paper on the grammar and sentence structure of Slovak due what thursday, and I have a program on Bayesian robot escape due this upcoming monday.

Need I say more?

Right, my philosophy paper on god I hope I did well, or I have failed the bloody class. Speaking of Hume, I had a pretty intense conversation with Lah on philosophical wasn't long, like our normal conversations in real life, but it felt nice to do some intellectual exercise after so long. Yes differential equations is not fucking intellectual exercise, neither is college itself.

Oh yeah my mom just got the word that a student was killed and freaked out, called me at some really late time and told me that I should come home for the summer if I'm not doing anything....which is highly possible...but hell if I want to go home that badly...

Even more laggy entries.

Spring fair happened this weekend. Let me first start off by saying CRAB CAKES ARE OVERPRICED CRAP. Not specifically crap, but not worth your money. Ok so crap as a word works. Along the same vein, BUTTERFLY POTATOES DO NOT COUNT AS A MEAL. AND POORLY MADE GYROS DONT EITHER. I think the only really fulfilling food I had there was the stick meat and lo mein. Oh, and the curry, but that had to be eaten in stages. I frequently forget that while I love curry, my tolerance to large amounts is very very low.

I also read a !new! book for pleasure for the first time in like half a year. It was two dollars. Gibson's Idoru. For the unintiated Gibson wrote Neuromancer. Idoru is Idol In Japanese (borrowed word). Perfect combination right? I took the book (400 pages) from 1pm to 8pm and finished it. Pretty good, but I'm not sure if it was a bit of shallowness I detected in relation to the Idoru herself. She wasn't exactly fleshed out too well, being a artifical intelligence construct.

Final Fantasy A+
13 bloody acres...if everyone lived like me they'd need 2.9 planets. What the hell I have a godamn 700 square feet apartment with a roommate and I don't use cars or public transportation and I still take up 13 ecological acres?