Wednesday, December 24, 2008

BlazBlue OST out

"Shut up zer0kage" ripped from his own CDs.
However he uses Windows Media Player to rip =/
Sad life.
The music is...I don't know it's ok I guess but for some reason I'm not feeling any "amazing standouts" as I do with GG's music.

Link removed for time being, basically I have no clue if any of them are still up!


youki said...

Hmmm...wasn't there two CDs in the OST? Well maybe it wasn't posted up yet but it's hard to judge until the whole Album is out.

youki said...

The first OST disk is basically the opening song, ending song, and the theme songs for each character (minus Haku-men and V13). I bet the second disk with fighting area is more promising with Halloween and Kagetsuchi Port.

But, I agree with GG having better theme songs though Baiken's theme is still the most standout to my memory.

Anonymous said...

DL limit already reached. Put it on rapidshare or something.

Anonymous said...

The download limit has been reached for this file. Please contact the sender and ask them to resend the file.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, downloaded the track and it seems to be missing a lot of songs (like the rival tracks).

Anyway those can be posted up?

kazukifafner said...

^ The Rival Tracks are in Disc 2. The person who uploaded the first disc hasn't done so with the second disc yet. Just be patient, I'm sure they'll be released soon.

Anonymous said...

Invalid link in megaupload too... :(