Monday, December 22, 2008

Fate Unlimited Cafe

Rider Saber Archer Lancer Caster Berserker Assassin

I'm bored shitless and no one is here at work, so I'm posting about a week long (more like 10 day long) theme cafe that was celebrating the Fate/Unlimited Codes release.
From what I can tell basically random Japanese cafes will convert to theme cafes to celebrate releases if you pay them enough.
Started the 12th and looks like it ended yesterday, how's that for old news!

Anyway, all drinks are 450 yen (damn expensive):
Rider - Grape Juice and Calpis
Saber - Blue Hawaii and Ginger Ale
Archer - Camu Camu Soda and Ice Tea
Lancer - Blue Hawaii and Cola
Caster - Grape Juice and Cola
Berserker -Ice Coffee and Chocolate Sauce
Assassin - Fine Green Tea (Iced, not sure if chimitsu/fine is a brand or something)

Gilgamesh sucks and thus gets no picture, he's only Ginger Ale anyway.
Bring in a Fate/Unlimited Codes package and get a free drink!
I guess that sort of offsets the hideous cost of the things.

Food Menu:
Super-spicy Mabo Tofu Bowl (800 yen) - The stuff Kotomine is always eating

Black Saberger (lol saburger) Sandwich (1000 yen) - Black Saber's beloved hamburger makes a reappearance. Comes with French fries. mogu mogu...

Ilya Ice Cream (600 yen) - An argent (yes they use this word) of Vanilla and Kyoho grape ice cream, garnished with a Berserker chocolate cookie.

Archer Cake (600 yen) - Unlimited Cake Works.

As usual it's the image that matters in these things, not so much the cost or the taste.
That being said, I have to say the Archer Cake definitely won presentation wise, it's hard not to think of UBW after seeing it.


Lilyes said...

Archer cake definitely wins the presentation game! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that one. *sigh* I want to watch Fate Stay Night again now

Sibby said...

Well actually you do know the entire thing is translated now.
Not sure if you're willing to pick it up like Tsukihime but...the option is always there.