Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sakuya, Remilia plushies released.

A bit old but Sakuya and Remilia Touhou plushies have been released to go along with the original Reimu and Marisa ones.

Don't get too happy though, as this is what heartnana said about availability...
Siblade - I see them all the time. However, They're usually about 12,000 yen apiece. Sometimes I see them at a "low" price of like, 9000 yen each. They're too rare and honestly not worth it for THAT much (tho they are awesome). I would have my own reimu if I could find them for a halfway decent price.

So yeah even in Japan itself you're seeing a base markup of 400% over the original 2900 yen or so price.
Good fucking luck :<

On the other hand though you can get a large yukkuri head for 1500 yen or so.
Now aren't you happy :V

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HeartNana said...

Because I'm a jerk like that:

I managed to snag a couple for myself. Me and my friend got to the Toranoano store at pretty much the exact right time, because no more than 10 minutes after we bought them, they were sold out. 3000 yen apiece, and well worth it. They were 1 per person, and with them being sold out so quickly, def no way to get more for that price.