Monday, December 29, 2008

Touhou Anime

And here we have Reimu jump Bing through a wall.
Jump B normally has no graze frames so obviously Reimu is hacking the game here.

Hm, let's see.
I liked it, first all.
It's definitely a by fans, for fans thing though.
If you don't know the characters it'll mean nothing to you.
Character design was all right, I think they were concentrating on the animation.
Backgrounds look gorgeous.
"Good for a doujin work," as they say :V
Story is lol (nigga stole my donation box!)
Characterization is lol ze
The DVD actually included English subtitles that DO NOT SUCK, so haha fansubbers.

Good: Reimu, Marisa, Suika
All right: Patchouli, Sakuya, Remilia
Just plain weird: Aya
Haha: Yukari (in the preview)

Explanation time:
Reimu - She's the lead, you need someone who fits. They found someone who fits, honestly it sounds like she could sound exasperated forever.
Marisa - Some say too deep, I say it works pretty well ze. Though I HAVE heard the silver forest Marisa, and I guess she would have been better.
Suika - Suika always struck me as well, a silly girl. Even if she's number one or two in the power rankings the image always stuck in my head. I guess that's why I like her portrayal here whereas most people are like WTF?

Patchouli - She sounded sort of generic, except for the mukyuu. That rocked. It's no Nagato/Ayase Yue but it's passable.
Sakuya - Haha if you've seen Hayate no Gotoku, Sakuya sounds like Maria. Because she IS Maria (Tanaka Rie). I don't mind that they've decided Sakuya = Maria, but I wonder if a more hard-edged take wouldn't have worked better. Perhaps Rie will get to exercise her variable voice talents later on if Sakuya gets to fight.
Remilia - Even if she's old I always thought Remilia came off as sort of a haughty spoiled brat. Which she sounds like exactly! Perhaps maybe a little too young sounding.

Aya - All right, here's the deal with Aya. They nailed the inquisitive eager reporter bit, but they somehow forgot about her age. Aya strikes me as mature. Maybe not OLD Obaa-chan but at least older than her voice actress is going for. I think the closest analogy would be Takako from Kannagi. You know that scene where she gets a nosebleed while watching her too-pure pure boy bond? That's the type of voice I expected on Aya. Instead we get a little too chirpy Aya that comes off more as an excited schoolgirl than an excited reporter.

Yukari - I think that's Kikuko Inoue cracking jokes in the preview. "Yukari is 17!" If it's not Inoue then my seiyuu senses have failed me. If it really is Inoue...then I'll move Yukari up to good right away.

Nico Links if you understand Japanese and are that lazy.
DVD torrent is in the title link on nyaatorrents.

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Lilyes said...

Whoo hooo, I knew I could always count on you to help me one-up my brother when it comes to games, especially one he claims to be his favorite. Mee hee hee hee, can't wait for the download to finish.