Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving cards

So the highlight of Thanksgiving weekend was being carded on Black Friday in the mall because they have a no under 18 without parents policy on weekdays.
Except it's black Friday.
And I'm 25.
Not only that Kenny and Keshine got carded too!
Kenny's 23.
Keshine's 17 so obviously it's his fault.

Maybe I shouldn't shave, it's sort of terrible to get carded 7 years after the fact.


Xenozip. said...

Holy hell, what?

The MALL carded you?

Where? At the door?

Seriously, what the hell..

Grumpasaurus said...

You're Asian. Deal with it. You'll look like a 12 year old until you suddenly grey out into an old Chinese Perv Kung Fu Master.

Was this the Galleria? Gosh.