Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zwei II (get it? the pun that is) and Vagrant Story, 8 years late

Yeah so for some reason, probably because of Rithli, I've started playing Vagrant Story.
My first time through this game (bought it at release in 2000?) I got so fucking tired of all the backtracking and literally quit...right after I got the teleport spell.
Anyway I'm starting fresh, and I completely forgot that there's a weapon combination system in this game.
I did remember there was a combo system that basically...tells you not to do combos.
Whatever, it seems pretty good fun so far, combining system is bringing up all sorts of nasty OCDness within me though, probably cause of affinity juggling.

Zwei II is this light? action rpg from Falcom, the makers of Ys. I've never played a Ys game, much less a Falcom game.
Also people who know German will get the pun (Zwei is German for two, so Zwei II is well...silly.)
Never played Zwei I even, but you don't have to.
The game starts off pretty mashy, and remains that way, but it's good fun all around.
You can see an entire playthrough over at Batwound's channel for an example of some of the play.
The bosses are good fun overall.
I'm tempted to try a Ys game now.

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Xenozip. said...

Well you heard my opinion on the game already. Not one of my favorites, but I have played it at least a couple times.

Regarding the combo system, it only seems like it's telling you not to do combos, but there's little tricks regarding what skills you use where you actually DO want to do combos, a lot, once you get those skills.

The running around the maps actually didn't bother me much at all.. combination didn't bother me at all either.. what did bother me was having to "level-up" your weapons by using them against certain things to raise certain stats.

So yeah, if you're OCD'ing just off combos then wait until you realize your weapons are shit until you raise their stats. Then you'll be OCD'ing it up like a motherfucker (god knows I was).